Apostille Documents to Teach in South Korea

Apostille Documents to Teach in South Korea

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Your Ticket to Teaching Bliss: Securing Apostille Documents to Teach in South Korea

You did it! You finally landed your dream English teaching job in South Korea. Time to celebrate with some kimchi and K-pop!
But before you pack your bags, don’t forget that crucial step of apostilling (legalizing) your documents. We get it, it sounds scary and confusing. That’s why we’re here to walk you through it, step-by-step. Read on to learn everything you need to know as a teacher in the Korean soil.

Born to Teach in Korean: Determining If You Qualify

Teaching English in Korea requirements are pretty straightforward. As long as you have a bachelor’s degree in any field from an accredited university, you can qualify for an E2 visa. While a TEFL certificate is not mandatory, getting TEFL certified shows commitment and will make you a stronger candidate.
If you don’t have a college degree, don’t despair! Many reputable hagwon academies (private schools) will hire teachers without degrees to teach English in Korea. You just need at least 2 years of teaching experience.

Teacher Transcripts: Notarizing Academic Records

Once you land the job, you’ll need to hustle for documents. First up is securing transcripts and diplomas. These must be notarized and stamped with an apostille seal.
Notaries in Korea can legally certify your papers are authentic copies of the originals. Find a Korean notary public near you to endorse your transcripts and diplomas. Remember to bring your ID!
For the apostille itself, use a service like Monument Visa Apostille. They’ll apostille your documents through the U.S. State Department. Costs range from $100-$200 per doc. Pricey but so worth it! This monument visa apostille proves the legitimacy of your notary endorsement.

English Teacher in Korea Requirements: Prepping Travel Documentation

Don’t forget to prepare your passport for departure! Make sure it’s valid for at least one year past your arrival date. The Korean immigration office is very strict about this.
You’ll also need a crisp, clean passport photo. The South Korean passport photo size requirement is 35 x 45 mm on a white background. Many post offices and drug stores have self-service kiosks to snap one.
While not required, having your passport notarized and apostilled in advance saves major headaches. You’ll breeze through airport security if your docs are pre-verified.

Police Protection: Securing a Criminal Record Check

Here’s where things get serious. South Korea mandates all incoming foreign teachers provide a criminal background check. This requires an FBI apostille guaranteeing it’s legit.
FBI checks can take 12 weeks or more to process. Better get that fingerprint appointment ASAP! The report must have been issued within the last 6 months to be valid. Rush processing is available for an extra fee.
Once you get your FBI report back, have it notarized and then apostilled. Send the originals to your school and bring copies for immigration. With this FBI stamp, you’ll teach English in Korea safely and legally!

Speaking the Lingo: Learning Key Korean Vocab

While learning Korean is not a visa requirement, picking up a few key phrases shows respect. Koreans will appreciate you making an effort with their lyrical language.
Here are some words to get you started:
●      seongsaengimnida – “I am the teacher”
●      gyosa – “teacher”
●      gongbu – “study”
See, that wasn’t so hard! By the time you finish your contract, you’ll be chatting away po-hae-yo (comfortably) in your new language.

Medical Check-Up: Getting Health Verification

Before boarding your flight to Seoul, secure a thorough health screening. This includes HIV bloodwork, chest x-rays, and drug testing. It must be signed by a licensed physician.
The South Korean government wants to protect its citizens from communicable diseases. Some conditions like TB and Hepatitis B can disqualify you from teaching English in Korea.
Get any necessary vaccinations done weeks in advance. That way if there are anomalies in your tests, you have time for follow-up care before departure.

Visa Victories: Applying for Your E2 Work Permit

Once you have all documents prepped and apostilled, it’s go time! Compile them neatly into one visa application packet:
●      Passport
●      Perhaps a Korean Birth Certificate?
●      Notarized Diplomas + Transcripts
●      FBI Background Check
●      Health Screening Report
●      TEFL Certificate (optional but recommended)
●      Recent Passport Photos
●      Visa Application Forms
Double and triple-check for errors! Mail everything to your school’s immigration liaison. They will apply for your work visa on your behalf.
In a few weeks, you’ll get your E2 teaching visa secured in your passport! High five for following the requirements to teach English in Korea

Flight Fever: Buying Your One-Way Ticket

You did it – your documents are approved and E2 visa issued! Go ahead and purchase that sweet one-way ticket to Incheon Airport. Landing in Seoul for the first time is an unforgettable feeling!
Make sure to bring passport photos and extra visa application forms in your hand luggage. Immigration officers may request them when you deplane.
Also have digital or print copies of your diplomas, transcripts, and certificates. Some hagwon academies ask you to see them again before releasing your first paycheck.

Culture Shock: Preparing for Life Abroad

Stepping off the plane and into Korean culture can be quite an adjustment. The language barrier alone can be intimidating. Not to mention figuring out cultural customs, monetary conversions, securing a phone card, setting up a bank account, etc.
Best way to overcome culture shock? Learn as much as possible before departure! Study up on Korean etiquette like bowing, using two hands, and saving face. Learn a few key phrases in Hangul. And join Expat Facebook groups to find friends.
Soon that foreign feeling fades, and Korea starts to feel like home. You’ll be meal-prepping kimchi jjigae like a pro in no time!

Classroom Ready: Organizing Teacher Materials

Once settled, shift your focus toward lesson planning. Stock up on ESL books, printable games, flashcards, arts and crafts supplies, and visual aids. Build a curriculum that keeps students engaged while meeting educational goals.
Focus classes on conversational English to prepare them for real-world interactions. Use role-playing and group activities to mimic common situations – ordering food, making a doctor’s appointment, introducing oneself.
And don’t forget incentives like stickers and prizes! Make learning English fun. Your creativity is key to classroom success. Students will be calling you seongsaeng-nim (respected teacher) in no time!

Blissful Benefits: Enjoying the Perks of Teaching Overseas

Embarking abroad to teach English in Korea has endless perks beyond the steady paychecks. You’ll discover magnificent Buddhist Temples, rejuvenating JimJilBang spas, futuristic urban jungles, and mouthwatering cuisine.
Visit the volcanic Jeju Island, known for healing black sand beaches. Explore Busan’s vibrant Gamcheon Culture Village. Wander the lantern-lit alleys of Insadong. Soak up over 5,000 years of Korean history and heritage.
And thanks to South Korea’s central Asia locale, incredible destinations like Taiwan, Vietnam, and Japan are just a short-budget flight away. You’ll be immersed in rich and vibrant Asian cultures.
Teaching in Korea is an experience of a lifetime. Come with an open heart and thirst for adventure – this land will captivate you in magical ways!

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