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Are you planning to get married overseas? In that case, you’ll need an apostille single status affidavit in California or any state where you reside. This authenticated affidavit will let you exchange ‘I Dos’ in a foreign country without legal problems.

Take note that obtaining a single status affidavit isn’t enough. You need to have it legalized through an apostille service.

In this post, we discussed this affidavit, why you need it, and how you can get an apostille. 

What is a single status affidavit?

A single status affidavit is a legal document used to certify that a person is not currently married. This applies to individuals who are widowed, divorced, or have never been married before.

Moreover, the single status affidavit also comes by the following names:

  • Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) for marriage
  • Certificate of no record – marriage
  • Affidavit of Civil Status
  • Certificate of No Public Record
  • Certificate of Freedom to Marry
  • No Record of Marriage

Whatever it’s called, this affidavit is intended to prove that you are legally eligible to marry.

This document includes your full name, address, date of birth, and a statement affirming your marital status. The wording of the affidavit may vary, but it will always denote that you’re not in any civil union.

When do I need a single status affidavit?

You need a single status affidavit if you plan to marry in a foreign country. It certifies that you are not violating any law by committing bigamy.

In some cases, this affidavit can be asked from you if you’re changing your name.

Aside from that, a single status affidavit might be needed for employment, immigration, and adoption purposes.

In some cases, you’ll also need a single status affidavit if you’re applying for insurance, filing for a loan, or facing legal disputes. Some situations may also require this document as the need arises. 

Where can I get proof of single status?

Single status affidavits can be obtained from the Office of the County Clerk or the County Recorder’s office in your locality.

Take note that you should only get your single status certificate in the county where you were born or currently resides.

You need to contact the same office to get a single status affidavit if you’re in a different state outside California. 

How to get an affidavit of single status in California?

Securing proof of no marriage is relatively easy. You can follow these steps if you need to get this document: 

Step 1. Contact your county clerk's office

County clerk offices can quickly provide this document. In most cases, you must request a marriage license, and they will issue a ‘Letter of No Record’ if there’s no result under your name.

This is basically the same as a single status affidavit. And like the latter, any letter from the county clerk’s office doesn’t require notarization. However, it’s still subject to apostille if you’re going to use it overseas.

In rare cases when your county clerk’s office can’t produce a single status certification, you can draft your own.

You can use this single status affidavit template and have it notarized to make it legal. However, the validity of this self-prepared affidavit is up to the requesting party or country.

Step 2. Provide identification

Whether you’re requesting online or in person, make sure you have at least one valid ID ready.

Aside from that, you’ll have to fill out the single status affidavit form and provide more information as the office deems it necessary. 

Step 3. Pay the request fee

A Letter of No Record or single status affidavit costs $17 a copy in most counties in California. You can pay in cash, card, money order, or check, whichever you find more convenient.

Take note that card payments are subject to a $2.50 surcharge. 

Step 4. Wait for your affidavit to arrive.

It may take at least three business days to process your affidavit. This can be longer, depending on the circumstances surrounding your request.

If you wish to have your affidavit mailed, you must wait for about 15 to 20 business days. Nevertheless, you can pick it up from your county clerk’s office if you need the document as soon as possible.

If you’re outside the United States, you should head to the local US embassy or consulate for assistance. 

How to obtain an apostille for a single status affidavit in California

Take note that your single status affidavit is not yet fully accomplished once you receive it. If you’re going to use it for marriage in a foreign country, you still need to finish another step: an apostille.

Here are the simple steps to get apostille services in California:

  • Book an apostille service
    First, you should book an apostille service from an accredited provider like Rush In Documentation. To book, simply fill out our form and attach scanned copies of your single status affidavit together with other requirements.
  • Submit your payment
    To finalize your apostille request, send the payment online. We also accept walk-in clients in our offices in San Diego, Encino, and West Hollywood.
  • Deliver your original document
    Next, bring the original copy of the affidavit to one of our locations. You can also mail it to us, but the process would be slower.
  • We authenticate your document
    Our specialists will prepare your apostille quickly. You can also get an expedited apostille service if you need your legalized document immediately.
  • Receive your document
    You can pick up your apostilled document at our location, or we will mail it to you. Depending on availability, we can deliver it on the same day! 

How long does an apostille request take?

An apostille for your single status affidavit may take around 10 to 14 working days to arrive. Still, you can get expedited services that can process it for as fast as five days. Take note that apostilled delivered through snail mail will take longer.

In some cases, a document needs to be refiled after being rejected. The main reason here is corrections or alterations, which government agencies often consider as red flags.

In this case, ask the agency that issued the affidavit to put an “alteration valid” mark on the document. A better solution is asking for a new and clean copy of your affidavit.

It’s always advisable to request an apostille as early as possible. This will give you enough time in case of issues with your document. 

Get same-day apostille services in California

Do you need urgent, last-minute, or same-day apostille services? Contact us at Rush In Documentation, and we will authenticate your documents fast.

We’ve been providing apostille services since 1994 and have accomplished 187k cases and counting. Also, we have a close working relationship with the DOJ, FBI, and State Department, allowing us to provide quick apostille solutions.

Aside from single status affidavits, we also apostille other personal and business documents. We also apostille birth, naturalization, marriage, divorce, job reference certificate, and more. We are your one-stop apostille service accredited in all 50 U.S. states.

Get your apostille and legalization solutions from us for hassle-free and quick results. We are open from Mondays to Fridays and by appointment on Saturdays.

Call us or visit one of our locations for your apostille needs!

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