Apostille Your Marriage Certificate for Saudi Arabia

Apostille Your Marriage Certificate for Saudi Arabia

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Apostille Your Marriage Certificate for Saudi Arabia: Your Guide to Getting Hitched Abroad

So you’ve met your special someone, and you’re ready to make it official by tying the knot in an exotic overseas wedding in Saudi Arabia. Congratulations! Now comes the not-so-fun part: navigating all those fussy international marriage certificate requirements so your union will be legally recognized.
We’re here to walk you through the entire process, step-by-step in simple terms anyone can understand. By the end, your marriage certificate will be ready for its Saudi Arabian closeup.

Saudi Arabia in the Hague Convention?

Before we go any further, it’s important to understand what an Apostille actually is. Simply put, an Apostille certifies the origin of a public document so it can be legally recognized abroad. This includes marriage certificates.
The Apostille itself is just a separate page attached to your document containing certain standard information. With this special add-on, Saudi Arabia and other countries that participate in the Hague Convention will then accept your marriage certificate as valid.

Why Do You Need Apostille Certification?

As we just covered, having an Apostille is the only way Saudi Arabia will legally register your overseas marriage. Without it, as far as the Saudi government is concerned, you and your new spouse remain unmarried singles.
Just imagine trying to open a joint bank account or rent an apartment together in Riyadh without proof you’re husband and wife.
Luckily, avoiding headaches like these is exactly why the Apostille system exists. Now let’s look at how to get one.

Where to Get an Apostille for Saudi Arabia

The U.S. government has designated the states’ secretaries of state as the only authorities able to issue Apostilles for public documents from their jurisdictions.
So if you got married in Orlando, Florida, you would contact the Florida Secretary of State’s office to have your marriage certificate Apostilled. Likewise, if you tied the knot in Seattle, you’d go through Washington’s Secretary of State to get the deed done.
That means you need an apostille for Saudi Arabia legalization.

How to Get a Saudi Arabia Apostille

Here is the step-by-step process for getting your U.S. marriage certificate Apostilled for use in Saudi Arabia:
  1. Contact the Secretary of State’s office from the state your marriage certificate was issued in. Let them know you need an Apostille to register your marriage in Saudi Arabia.
  2. The office will let you know the acceptable ways to submit your certificate for Apostille services (by mail, in person, etc.). Follow their instructions for getting your documents to them.
  3. Your state’s Secretary of State office will then check several things on your marriage certificate, like the signature of the public official who issued it, their title, the seal used, etc. If everything looks legit, they will draft a separate Apostille page to attach to it.
  4. Finally, the Apostilled certificate will be returned to you so you can submit it per Saudi Arabia’s marriage registration process. And voila—congrats on making it officially official!

How Much Does Apostille Service Cost?

Pricing varies by state, but Apostilles generally run between $5-$15 per document certified. It’s a good idea to call ahead for exact Apostille fees in your state. Some may charge extra for quicker processing too.
Turnaround Time for Apostilles
Another reason to inquire about pricing is the turnaround time also varies widely by state. Some have the process down to 24 hours, while others may take 4-6 weeks.
If you need your Apostille faster than the standard turn time in your state, pay any expediting fees. Waiting an extra month or more to register your marriage once in Saudi Arabia is zero fun.
What an Apostilled U.S. Marriage Certificate Needs
For Saudi Arabia to accept your Apostille request, your marriage certificate from the U.S. must contain:
●       Full married names of both spouses
●       Date and place the marriage occurred
●       Signature of public official who performed the wedding
●       Official seal or stamp of the issuing governmental authority
Double (and triple) check your certificate has all these items before submitting it for that very important Apostille certification.

Other Saudi Arabian Marriage Registration Requirements

I wish getting your paperworks Apostilled was the last step to enjoy marital bliss in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, while having an Apostille is critical, it’s not the only box you need to tick.
Let’s quickly cover two other key requirements for getting your overseas marriage formally registered within the Kingdom so you can live as lawfully wedded spouses:
●       Your Saudi Arabian Sponsor’s Consent
●       Saudi Culture Course & Interview

Saudi Sponsor’s Permission

If your spouse-to be is a Saudi national, congratulations—they can act as your family sponsor in the Kingdom. You’ll need their written consent submitted with all other marriage documents.
If your fiancé isn’t a Saudi citizen, then you’ll need sponsorship from a Saudi family member whether that’s your spouse’s relatives or your own.
Whoever ends up sponsoring you will have to sign a document confirming they consent to you two lovebirds legally marrying in Saudi Arabia.
Mandated Saudi Culture Course & Interview
Before Saudi Arabia will complete your marriage registration as valid, they require foreign spouses—even if Muslim—to take mandatory “Saudi culture familiarization” classes followed by an interview.
The official course covers topics like:
●       Saudi customs and traditions
●       Rules for foreigners in the Kingdom
●       Women’s rights within Saudi society
●       Other fascinating tidbits about everyday Saudi life
While an interesting free crash course on your new home, it also takes time—up to 12 months according to some sources. Enroll ASAP after submitting all other marriage documents and required to speed things along. I know you’d rather invest that year as newlyweds than just engaged!
During your eventual “approval” interview, officials try to ascertain how knowledgeable you now are about Saudi cultural norms and whether you’re open embracing them.
Assuming all goes well (and try to keep tongue-in-cheek humor to a minimum), congratulations—your overseas marriage will then fully registered to enjoy all the rights and benefits Saudi Arabia grants married couples!

Next Steps after Completing Saudi Arabia’s Marriage Registration Process

Phew! It may have been a long process, but let me be the first to congratulate you now that your international marriage is fully legal and binding within Saudi Arabia. Give that new ring and that US degree attestation for Saudi Arabia a smooch!
If you can believe it, this checklist marathon isn’t quite over yet though. Here’s what to do next:
  • Update your visa status at the local immigration office to reflect your change to “marriage visa” holder now that you’re legally hitched.
  • Swap your old Saudi national ID card for updated one listing you as married. Remember to bring every document related to your overseas marriage for verification.
  • Notify your embassy in Saudi Arabia that you recently registered an international marriage within the Kingdom. This way they can update their records in case of emergency, etc.
And those are the essential next steps to take care of post-marriage registration in Saudi Arabia. Check them off…then put up those tired feet up with your lawfully wedded paramour!

Parting Words

Now you’re a pro on everything you need to make your overseas “I dos” fully legit in the eyes of Saudi Arabia.
Finally, remember to have fun celebrating your love as newlyweds in an exciting new country! Here’s to happily ever after abroad with the person of your dreams!

Why ChooseRush In Documentation?

At Rush In Documentation, we understand that your journey into marital bliss in Saudi Arabia deserves a seamless start. Choosing us means choosing expertise and efficiency. Our Apostille Services and notary public services ensure that your marriage certificate receives the golden touch needed for recognition in Saudi Arabia.
With meticulous attention to detail, we navigate the complexities of Saudi Arabia legalization and the Hague Convention, guaranteeing a hassle-free process.
Additionally, our Document Translation Services add a cultural nuance to your paperwork, ensuring every word is understood and appreciated.
At the heart of Rush In Documentation is a commitment to making your union flourish effortlessly. Our services go beyond mere paperwork; they resonate with the cultural diversity of Saudi Arabia. Trust us to be your companions in this significant journey, and let your love story begin its enchanting chapter in the Kingdom.
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