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Do you need urgent notary services? No time to drive to the nearest notary office? In these cases, a mobile notary service is what you need. Also called a traveling notary, this person will go to your location to process your documents. But what is a mobile notary, and how do they work? Read this post to learn more!

What is a mobile notary?

Unlike traditional or in-office notary, mobile notary meets their clients in person. Instead of you going to their office, a mobile notary agent will be the one to go to your place.  


The same as other notary professionals, mobile notary providers are state-commissioned and certified to perform notarizations on documents. They vouch that all signers are legitimate and aware of the document’s contents.


Through this setup, you can save a lot of time from traveling. You can also call mobile notary services on short notice if you want things to get done fast. They can meet you in your office, home, or any place of your choosing.


Some mobile notary providers offer 24/7 response. This means you no longer have to wait for business hours to get your documents signed.

How does a mobile notary work?

Mobile notary services work the same way as a traditional public notary. The only difference is that the former goes the distance to your place. If you’re new to the mobile notary business, the process is pretty straightforward.

So what does a mobile notary do? Here’s how it usually goes:


  • You provide all the documents you want to be notarized together with other mobile notary requirements.
  • Present all proper identification for the mobile notary to confirm the identities of the signatories.
  • After confirming the identities of the signatories, the mobile notary observes each one as they make all the necessary signatures, marks, and initials. 0
  • Next, the mobile notary affixes his stamp and seal to the document to certify its authenticity. The notary will bring all the necessary equipment onsite.

Your next question is probably this: how much is a mobile notary service? Fees for mobile notaries are often on a per-document basis. Still, pricing varies based on the location, distance, type of document, and other factors. 

When do you need a mobile notary?

A mobile notary will come in handy for a variety of situations. The following are some of the common documents that require this expertise:

  • Legal documents. Mobile notaries are often contacted to verify all sorts of legal documents. It can be anything from contracts, affidavits, wills, Power of Attorney, sworn statements, trusts, and more.
  • Real estate. Are you buying or selling a property? You’d need a notarized copy of deeds, mortgages, and other related documents. And instead of traveling from the property to a public notary’s office, you can call a traveling notary.
  • Finances. You can call a mobile notary to authenticate financial documents you can’t bring out of your office or establishment. This helps maintain the safety and confidentiality of the documents.
  • Healthcare. Similar to financial documents, a mobile notary can authenticate healthcare-related documents onsite. This prevents the risk of unauthorized access outside of the facility. Some of these documents include healthcare proxy, living will, HIPAA waiver, and more.
  • Business. Mobile notaries can also authenticate business-related documents, including agreements, contracts, incorporation papers, leases, MOUs, etc.
  • Immigration. You’d need the expertise of a mobile notary when furnishing immigration documents. For example, you may need a notarized translation when applying for a Russian visa or when securing a Power of Attorney.

Benefits of hiring a mobile notary

Hiring a mobile notary has a long list of advantages. While their fees are slightly higher than public notaries, the perks often outweigh the cost: 

Time savings

If your schedule is always hectic, a mobile notary will help you save a lot of time. There’s no need to drive to an office; instead, a mobile notary can drop by at the time most convenient for you.


A mobile notary is particularly helpful for healthcare organizations, businesses, and offices that have no time to transport documents to and from a notary’s office. 

Get things done fast

The great thing about mobile notaries is that you can schedule them at your preferred time. This way, you have more control over how quickly and when things get done.


You can choose the location and time when hiring a mobile notary. This way, you can fit the services right into your schedule. There’s no need to get out of your way just to have documents authenticated.

Notarize any type of document

Most mobile notaries specialize in all kinds of documents, whether it’s personal, legal, or business-related.


You just have to inform the mobile notary of the documents you want to authenticate, and they will send the right experts. This saves you time from wondering how to find a mobile notary that can help you. 

Personalized service

With a mobile notary, the attention is dedicated to all your documents. This is much better than lining up at a busy public notary’s office. Also, a mobile notary has the time to answer your questions during your appointment.


Aside from that, it’s easier to build a business relationship with a mobile notary when you regularly hire their service. You can even partner with them if you need document authentication on a regular basis. 

Better security

Some documents that require notarization are highly confidential. Transporting them outside only increases the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access. But with a mobile notary, you’ll have peace of mind that your documents are in good hands.

This is especially true for organizations in healthcare, finance, and legal fields. 

No location limitations

All parties must be present during notarization, but this can be a problem if one has mobility issues. For example, a signer of a will is already bedridden or too old to go outside.


In cases like these, mobile notaries can be lifesavers. They can go anywhere, including assisted living centers, retirement homes, hospitals, etc.


Aside from that, mobile notaries can bridge the distance if the nearest public notary is too far from your place. 

How to become a mobile notary

Interested in becoming a mobile notary? The requirements vary per state, but they tend to be similar. Still, you should check accordingly, so you can prepare all documentation and plan for any courses or exams.


Aside from that, you should study the mobile notary job description before jumping into this career. Make sure you understand all the responsibilities it entails. 

In general, here are the requirements to become a certified mobile notary:


  • At least 18 years of age
  • A legal resident of the state where you plan to practice
  • Accomplish a notary education course provided by the Secretary of State
  • Have a clean and unblemished criminal record
  • Pass a comprehensive background check
  • Pass a state notary exam
  • Apply and secure a surety bond
  • Secure errors and omissions insurance coverage

Aside from getting certified, many aspiring notaries are also wondering, how much does a mobile notary make? It actually depends on the number of appointments you’re willing to accept and the rates in your locality.


In general, full-time mobile notaries can make excellent income from this profession. However, it requires systematic keeping of appointments and building a network of clients. 

What to consider when hiring a mobile notary

There are many mobile notary services in Los Angeles, but not all of them are made equal. To ensure that your documents are in good hands, you must consider the following first:

  • Certification. Make sure that you’re only dealing with a notary with proper certifications on your state. Always be meticulous with the notary’s credentials, especially when authenticating high-profile documents.
  • Industry experience. It’s best to hire a mobile notary who has worked in your industry. This way, they are fully aware of the laws governing the documents they have to authenticate.
  • Fees. Select a notary service that matches your budget. However, it’s important to understand the rates of these professionals, especially if you live in a big city where they often charge more.
  • Working hours. Do you need a mobile notary outside business hours? Or do you prefer someone on-call 24/7? It’s best to know the availability of a mobile notary service first, so you won’t be left waiting for too long.
  • Location. While mobile notaries travel to your place, it’s still ideal to choose one closes to you. This way, you won’t have to wait hours when calling for an urgent service.

Get the best mobile notary services in Los Angeles!

Are you looking for an experienced and certified mobile notary in LA? If so, call RushIn Documentation is here to help!


We offer 24-hour mobile notary service, so you will get your documents authenticated whenever you need them. Our mobile notaries specialize in almost all kinds of documents for your convenience.


Since 1994, we have completed over 185,000 cases, making us the #1 notary choice in Los Angeles. So if you need notary services, call us, and we will handle all your notarization needs seamlessly.

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