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After several months being inactive, passport agencies start resuming their business hours. Americans can obtain travel passports once again. If you are planning any trips outside of the country and you have never had a passport before or it has already been expired, here is what you should know

In accordance to the Department of State’s website, passport facilities will be slowly reopening in 3 phases. As of right now, being on phase 1, Americans may still only obtain a travel passport if dealing with life-or-death emergency and immediately need to leave the country. Others, who want to get a passport, should follow the standard procedure which takes from 6-8 weeks to receive a passport

Phase 1

Some employees are returning to passport agencies to proceed already received applications. The precedence of the applications is based on first come, first served before the lock down took place. If you have a life-or-death emergency situation, please, make an appointment. Passport centers do not accept walk-ins at this time

Phase 2

During second phase, agencies will begin accepting more applications outside of the life-or-death emergency category. Although it is still recommended to wait for non-emergency passport renewals to wait until the Phase 3

Phase 3

Phase 3 is projecting all staff members return to their workplace and all passport agencies resume their operations as it was before with recommended precautions

Rush In Documentation passport specialists have been providing passport services since 1994. For obtaining more information or getting a free consultation with our specialist, please fill out the form below

The list of passport agencies become open as of June 16, 2020

Arkansas Passport Center

Boston Passport Agency

Buffalo Passport Agency

Chicago Passport Agency

Colorado Passport Agency

Connecticut Passport Agency

Detroit Passport Agency

Honolulu Passport Agency

Minneapolis Passport Agency

National Passport Center

New Orleans Passport Center

New York Passport Agency

Philadelphia Passport Agency

Washington Passport Agency

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