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Issuance of US passport within 72 hours through local passport agencies is now available.

To receive a US passport in expedited manner at a local passport agency you have to have a travel itinerary showing that you travel internationally no later than 72 hours since you applied. For example, if you have an appointment at a passport agency on Monday, you have to travel no later than Thursday.

Rush In Documentation can help with scheduling an appointment, filling out the application*, and picking up a passport from the passport agency.

*complimentary passport photos with your order at West Hollywood location only

The cost of the service is $200.00.

As of September 28, 2020, the US Department of State has issued new guidelines to expedite a qualified application for a US passport.

According to official guidelines, the normal processing time for passport application will be 10-12 weeks via mail.

The expedited processing will take 4-6 weeks via mail.

We have contacted the US Department of State to confirm this information. We got the confirmation with a disclaimer that it is not a guaranteed service and delays are possible due to COVID-19.

We currently accepting orders for standard and expedited US passports at all of our locations. Please see below:

Type of serviceGovernment feeRDC feeProcessing timeShipment and handling
Expedited renewal via mail$170$754-6 weeksUSPS Priority mail $15.00
First time application$205$1504-6 weeksUSPS Express mail $40.00
*complimentary passport photos with your order at West Hollywood location only

Rush in Documentation Center — is a passport and visa agency.

Rush In Documentation Center provides professional services since 1994.
Passport, visa, notary, immigration forms, translations and apostilles.

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USCIS is adjusting government fees

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