На протяжении 25 лет компания Rush In Documentation предоставляет паспортно-визовые и иммиграционные услуги, где мы помогаем нашим клиентам решить проблемы разной сложности.
Виды паспортных услуг

Оформление Гражданства России по Рождению

Гарантируем срочное и правильное оформление заявки

Кому необходима услуга?

Родителям несовершеннолетних детей без гражданства либо с иностранным гражданством. Заявление на ребенка подает родитель, который имеет гражданство РФ. Также необходимо согласие второго родителя.

С какими трудностями вы можете столкнуться:

  • Заполнение анкеты;
  • Фотография;
  • Оформление сопроводительных документов (money order);
  • Отправка документов в консульство/посольство;
  • Мониторинг статуса;
  • Направление запросов в консульство/посольство.
Наша компания берет все хлопоты на себя.

Российский заграничный паспорт

Российский общегражданский паспорт

Подтверждение российского гражданства

Трэвел паспорт

Туристический паспорт

Американский паспорт

Американский паспорт для несовершеннолетних резидентов с гражданством родителей

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Отзывы клиентов

THE BEST!!! Kamila and Karina were so friendly and professional! I had a lot of paperwork to prep and translated into Russian on short notice, which was handled exceptionally well. With the help of extraordinary staff at the Russian Documentation Center we were also able to get our Russian passports too. Thank you for making this easy.
Lots of places take passport photos these days, but I figured I would check Yelp for a place nearby that wasn't a drug store, and I am glad that I did! Nice knowledgeable folks running this small business. They shared some helpful passport info with me that will definitely save me some grief, and I will be back when I need further assistance with travel documents, notarization, etc.
In and out within 15 minutes! Extremely professional, quick, and affordable. Highly recommended for any passport/fingerprinting/notary needs!
After calling 3 different agencies, which all told me it was impossible to get a visa I needed to Russia in just 2 weeks, I called RDC. Svetlana answered all of my questions easily and told me it was possible to get one in that amount of time, and made it happen! I have my passport back with the visa and am so grateful for the fast and excellent service they provided. The process was fast and very easy. Definitely will be returning to them for all my passport and visa needs in the future. Thank you!
It was the last minute document problem for me and last hope. My passport was lost, my trip was under question. Not only girls from the agency helped me to fill all the documents, scheduled my hard to get appointment (7 am), consulted me along the way, and literary were holding my hand while at the federal building. What can I say? I am flying today according to the plan, and I am happy to say THANK YOU to people who made it all possible.

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