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Today we’re going to talk about how to get a visa to Russia. Most importantly, it’s not how to get it, but what should  keep in mind  if you’re doing it on your own or through a professional agency. You can find a lot of videos on YouTube, where people explain in details how to apply for russian visa . In this article I’m going to navigate you what to pay attention to when you’re going to apply on your own or going to professional agencies. 

First, let’s talk about if you’re planning to do this on your own in order  to save money.

What should you avoid if applying on your own?

Russia offers various types of visa. One such option is a private invitation, where any Russian citizen invites you for a specific purpose. To obtain this invitation, the Russian citizen submits an application to local authorities, specifying the duration of your visit. Once approved, you need the original invitation – not a copy or electronic version! – to apply for the visa. This poses a challenge due to the absence of postal correspondence between Russia and the United States. Obtaining the invitation involves sending it to a third country like Georgia or Armenia, then having it sent to the US, potentially via private carriers. This can be both unreliable and costly, reaching several hundred dollars. Hence, this isn’t the most recommended approach.

What’s the best way for independent applicants?

Acquiring a tourist voucher is advisable. This invitation is obtained from licensed Russian travel agencies authorized to accommodate international tourists. According to  pandemic and geopolitical changes, many Russian agencies have ceased operations, making online options risky. Beware of cheap, outdated vouchers sold online. It’s crucial to obtain a voucher from a reliable agency with a valid license. You can search through Russian or US databases to verify this.

 What should you avoid if applying through an agency?

When considering a professional agency, there are key factors to evaluate. Despite a cost difference of around $100 to $200 compared to self-application, agencies alleviate the burdensome process. However, there’s a possible trap. Many online agencies charge additional fees for application corrections. The Russian visa application is complex, and mistakes can be costly. Our agency, for instance, solves these issues without extra charges. Additionally, inquire about their refund policy in case your visa is denied.

Several details warrant attention 

Visa duration is typically three years with multiple entries, but the start date isn’t upon visa receipt. It depends on the tentative entry date you provide in the application. A premature arrival might lead to entry denial. Confirm whether medical insurance or a personal interview is necessary for your visa type. Although our clients rarely undergo interviews, circumstances can change. Rush in Documentation Center is at your service and follows a client-centric policy.

Thank you for your attention. Feel free to reach out to us at Rush in Documentation Center.

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